Your stories

Prawning in the Swan and Canning rivers once formed part of Perth’s fishing folklore but it has largely been lost. If restocking is successful we could eventually see the return of this popular pastime. Tells us your story, from the past and present, and send us your pictures.

  • They're back at last

    by Geoff Harcombe

    Been twenty years since I tasted fresh river prawns. Only used a dab net but caught enough for a taste, great project keep up the good work.
  • Seal in Swan

    by Peter Davis

    Saw this seal 20m off the shore opposite the Left Bank this morning.
  • Research Stroll

    by Will Smithwick

    On Monday the 4th of November, Kevin Reid and I took our scoops and went for an exploratory stroll. Just west of Heathcote we walked in knee deep water for 300 m. We saw 20 medium sized prawns and 6 little ones. One of the large prawns was gravid but we threw all of them back.There was heaps of the green, stringy weed and hundred of silver bait fish. We also explored the shallows from the Rowing club to Canning Bridge and saw 1 prawn and an 18 inch cobbler.
  • The team from Murdoch University catching prawns in the Swan River