Junior Dolphin Watch

Junior Dolphin Watch gives young people an opportunity to be involved in citizen science by monitoring dolphins in Western Australia.
Your school can become an official Junior Dolphin Watch School. All you need to do is have a staff member:

  • Attend a Dolphin Watch volunteer training session - to learn about dolphins in the Swan Canning Riverpark and how to monitor them for science.
  • Attend a Dolphin Watch App training session - to learn how to use the smartphone App.
  • Host a presentation by the Junior Dolphin Watch Coordinator at a staff meeting.

On completion of the training, your school will receive the following benefits:

  • Junior Dolphin Watch plaque to display at your school
  • Parks and Wildlife Service volunteer registration (newsletter, volunteer benefits)
  • Loan box with resources and materials to use in your classroom
  • Junior Dolphin Watch curriculum linked materials (printed version)
  • Junior Dolphin Watch incursions/excursions
  • Access to the Dolphin Watch Super Scientists
  • 1 x dolphin spotting river cruise (1 staff and 5 students)
  • Ongoing support from the Junior Dolphin Watch Coordinator

Upper primary school lesson plans are available to download. These lessons provide engaging and critical thinking activities that explore the science, impacts, adaptations and actions relating to the dolphins living specifically within the Swan Canning Riverpark. 

For more informaton please contact the Junior Dolphin Watch Coordinator.

Lesson plan 1 - Blubber at work 

Lesson plan 2 - Let's go river bank combing

Lesson plan 3 - Real intelligence

Lesson plan 4 - A splash of maths

Lesson plan 5 - Spot the difference

Lesson plan 6 - Impact of sound

Lesson plan 7 - Threats and solutions