How can I get involved?

Dolphin Watch is open to anyone. Training is provided and volunteers (Dolphin Watchers) learn how to record the time, date, location of dolphin sightings, number of dolphins sighted, presence of a calf, which way the dolphins were travelling, and any noticeable behaviour.

Volunteers learn basic observation techniques and how to ‘observe but not disturb’, in keeping with regulations in the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 and Parks and Wildlife protocols for marine mammal interaction. Shore-based observations are ideal as volunteers can observe animals closely without the dolphins knowing they are present.

Dolphin Watchers make a valuable contribution to Murdoch and Curtin universities scientific research, while gaining skills and networking with others involved in caring for the rivers.

When you subscribe to the River Guardian's newsletter you will receive invitations to events and activities including Dolphin Watch training. We run free training sessions which enable you to learn about the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins that live in the Riverpark and how to monitor the movements and behaviours of these dolphins. The information provided by Dolphin Watchers is contributing to scientific research of these animals.