Dolphin Watch

Dolphin Watch LogoThe Dolphin Watch project launched in April 2009 and focuses on one of the Swan Canning Riverpark’s most iconic species; Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

The Dolphin Watch project is a partnership between the Parks and Wildlife River Guardians program and Murdoch and Curtin Universities and was instigated to learn more about the community of bottlenose dolphins residing in the Swan and Canning Rivers.

In 2010 the Minister for Environment announced Dolphin Watch Day, an annual event to acknowledge the contribution that public volunteers have made through river dolphin monitoring in the Swan Canning Riverpark, to increase our knowledge and inform current research.

Parks and Wildlife, together with Murdoch and Curtin Universities, developed Dolphin Watch as a collaborative, citizen science research and education project. The project is a key component of the Department’s River Guardians program.

Dolphin Watch recognises the importance of dolphins as potential indicators of river health and aims to provide better understanding of dolphin ecology and their interactions with human activities, to better understand our iconic Riverpark.

Image Delphine Chabanne