Friends of River Guardians


Our philosophy

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Parks and Wildlife Service embraces the opportunity for long-term, collaborative corporate relationships. We believe all parties should derive benefits that can only be achieved with the other’s involvement. This philosophy is supported by our current funding structure, a third of which comes from sources other than State Government funding.

Our objectives

The objectives of Parks and Wildlife Services' corporate sponsorships strategy:

  •     Build financial resilience and capacity
  •     Attract and retain public support
  •     Build long-term, collaborative relationships
  •     Align sponsors to environmental and community outcomes
  •     Achieve excellence in our management of the Swan Canning Riverpark
  •     Enable consistency in our project planning, particularly where community partners and collaborators are involved  in delivering outcomes.

How our sponsorship is structured

Under our sponsorship model, each party views itself and any other party in the relationship as partners in a joint collaborative effort for an agreed outcome.

The majority of Parks and Wildlife's projects involve collaborative partners and arrangements that exchange resources in order to achieve project outcomes. Our corporate partnerships and sponsorships can include a reciprocal exchange of services, expertise, brand-building, material goods, marketing resources, employee relations, training and other opportunities to share resources. A partnership-based approach delivers greater rewards for our partners, projects and the Swan Canning Riverpark.

Find out more...

For more information about corporate sponsorship and partnerships contact:

Mark Thornley 
Parks and Wildlife Service, River and Estuaries Division
Phone: 08 9278 0984