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Algae update for the Swan River

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) advises that elevated levels of algae have been detected in the Swan and Canning rivers. The algae can provide reddish-brown water discolouration and could influence fish kills upstream of Maylands to Middle Swan in the Swan River.

Elevated algae levels have also been detected in the Canning River from Shelley Bridge to Kent Street Weir. This algae can produce toxins that can impact fish by damaging their gills and in severe cases, may cause fish deaths. Blooms of this algae can also make river water appear a reddish-brown colour.

The long weekend weather forecast of hot weather and light winds could assist these algal blooms to grow. DBCA officers are continuing to monitor the blooms and will keep our key Riverpark stakeholders updated.

Information from members of the public is welcome. Anyone who sees dead or sluggish fish in the Swan and Canning rivers are asked to report this to FishWatch on 1800 815 507 and avoid swimming in that area.

The public is also advised to not collect dead fish and to prevent their dogs from consuming dead animals that may appear along the river foreshore.

Clean Up Australia Day Events

Wasted Waterways Clean Up Day.

Help clean up Australian waterways on Clean Up Australia Day to keep our beautiful riverways clean and healthy. 

You can register your event here to give back to the environment and the plants and animals who call it home. These wasted Waterways events are happeing all over Australia on Sunday 7th of March 2021 and are a great way to get the community involved in caring for your local waterway. 

So register your event, take lots of photos, tag us and use #cleanourrivers and #cleanupaustraliaday and give back by cleaning our rivers.


Clean Our Rivers

Monday 1st of February is the start of Clean our Rivers week and we are encouraging everyone to get down to your favourite riverside location for a few minutes or up to an hour and pick up some rubbish to put in the bin. (This can be done as part of your 1-hour exercise period each day - please ensure you're wearing a mask as it is now mandatory to wear one when you're outside until 6pm on Friday 5 February) 

Show everyone the difference you’ve made by sharing photos of the rubbish you’ve collected to the River Guardians Facebook or Instagram pages (@RiverGuardians) and use the hashtag #cleanourrivers.

Fantastic news for Fairy Terns

Some great news has arrived from Point Walter Spit. The vulnerable Fairy Tern which uses this habitat for nesting has recorded an estimated 150 nests with eggs or small chicks for this breeding season.

These migratory birds build their nests on the beach, leaving them exposed to disturbances such as humans and predators. If the birds are disturbed frequently, they may abandon their nests, resulting in nest failure. With the help and support from Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the City of Melville, several conservation management actions have improved nesting and breeding success, leading to a record number of breeding pairs being recorded at Point Walter Spit this season.

The breeding season is still in full swing, so please continue to avoid the spit for the next few months, to keep the area a safe habitat for these nesting birds.