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Dolphin Watch river training cruise a big success

Dolphin photo by John GoldsmithDolphin photo by John GoldsmithDolphin photo by John Goldsmith

The Swan River Trust would like to thank John Goldsmith for sending through these great dolphin photos he took during the Swan River Trust’s Dolphin Watch river training cruise on Sunday, 28 October.

Congratulations to everyone who attended the workshop. It was a great day – as these photos attest -- with plenty of dolphins putting on a spectacular show as we cruised the river for over two hours gaining new skills and insights into dolphin behaviour and monitoring.

The Trust would like to particularly thank our expert workshop presenters – Hugh Finn and Delphine Chabanne from Murdoch University; Chandra Salgado, Sarah Marley and Karl Beidatsch from Curtin University; and photographer John Goldsmith – who shared a wealth of knowledge on everything from dolphin behaviour, sounds and environmental impacts, through to data analysis, taking good dolphin photographs and using Flickr and Twitter.

The Swan River Trust has more than 460 Dolphin Watch volunteers in Perth who have jointly reported thousands of hours of dolphin sightings in the Swan and Canning rivers, providing invaluable information to assist the dolphin research being done by our universities.

Thanks everyone!

Dolphin Watch river training cruiseDolphin Watch river training cruise