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Djinda's Calf Death

Djinda's calf found deceased in the Riverpark

On the evening of June 12th, we received reports of a deceased dolphin calf near the Canning Bridge. We were devasted to learn that this was Djinda's calf, who was born in April. At 2 months old, it's not possible to identify a dolphin using the traditional way (i.e. by the nicks and notches found on the dorsal fin). Instead, Dr Delphine Chabanne examined some markings and spots on the body of the dolphin, which she matched with images taken of the calf on her previous surveys. We decided to name the calf 'Walken' meaning Rainbow in Noongar 🌈. A necropsy was undertaken by colleagues at DPIRD and we now know that Walken had a severe lungworm infestation, which resulted in pneumonia, ultimately causing her death. Dolphins, like many mammals, are susceptible to parasites such as lungworm, so this type of infection is not unusual.

Photo: Djinda and her calf, Walken. Photo by Dr Delphine Chabanne