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Calf Naming Competition!

It has been an exciting year for births in the Riverpark, with 4 resident females giving birth so far. With the latest edition of the FinBook Guide in the works, we would love to name all of our calves before it is published! We are asking for suggestions from the River Guardians community for names of calves born to:

­čÉČDaniele ­čÉČEden­čÉČPanuni

To make a suggestion head over to our Facebook and leave the name in a comment on our latest post or you can email your suggestions to When making your suggestion, keep in mind we do not know the gender of any of the calves yet!

Please also let us know which dolphins' calf you would like to name (if you have a preference).

photo credit: Panuni and her calf born this year - Dr Delphine Chabanne