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Injured Dolphins in the Riverpark- Update

In February, two of our resident juvenile dolphins were observed by research scientist Dr Delphine Chabanne, with injuries that could have resulted from a boat strike. The dolphins were first observed in Cockburn Sound and then five days later, in the Swan Canning River.

Female juvenile 'Djinda' was observed with a cut to the right side of her body, below the dorsal fin. The cut is rather straight with no other injuries or marks around it. The second dolphin is juvenile male, 'Marnz', who was seen with two large cuts on the lower parts of his peduncle (before the tail). Both dolphins have since been observed by  Delphine while on her most recent survey of the Riverpark in April and she noted that the wounds appear to have healed.

Image 1: Djinda's injury on RHS of her body. Image 2: Marnz injury on the lower peduncle. Both photos taken by Dr Delphine Chabanne in early February