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Heavy rainfall

Recent heavy and widespread rainfall in the catchment has resulted in over 150mm of rainfall causing unusually high flow into the Swan Canning Riverpark. Further heavy falls are expected over the next week.

The public are reminded that after heavy rainfall, many pollutants from streets, gardens and farms are flushed into our rivers and ocean through the stormwater systems. This can make the water unsafe for swimming, especially if you put your head under or swallow the water.

As a precaution people should avoid swimming:
1 day after heavy rainfall (more than 10 mm), in coastal waters.
3 days after heavy rainfall (more than 10 mm), in river/estuarine systems.

An algal alert is in place for the Canning River due to elevated levels of potentially toxic blue-green algae. The area of the river affected is between Nicholson Rd Bridge, Cannington and Riverton Bridge, Shelley.

Warning signs have been erected and the Department of Health recommends that people do not engage in any water contact recreation in that area or where there are any scums or discoloured water, due to potential skin irritation reactions other health effects.
Pets are more susceptible and should not be permitted to enter the water in this area.

The Department of Health also reminds the public not to consume wild shellfish (eg: mussels, cockles)  from the Swan Canning Riverpark.

Image by Benedict Marillion, Northam Weir.