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Protect vegetation along Perth's foreshores

Vegetation damage is illegal. Help us stop it.

Perth has valuable community bushland reserves and trees which thousands of residents benefit from daily. Unfortunately there have been reported incidents where trees have been removed for aesthetic reasons to enhance water views. The community values trees for many reasons. Vegetation prevents erosion, provides vital native animal habitat and offers shade.

Every case of tree vandalism costs the community. Depending on the severity of the case, the cost can be more than $8000 for investigation, signage, replacement and remediation. In some cases Parks and Wildlife will erect a vegetation damage sign near the affected foreshore site to alert the public to a major act of tree vandalism and to help deter offenders from causing further damage. The sign is left in place for approximately two years, and only removed if there are no further incidents of vegetation damage in the location. This initiative has led to a 70 per cent decrease in vegetation damage incidents since the signs were introduced in 2007.

For more information and learn how you can help protect foreshore vegetation see the brochure.