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Dolphin Watch Day

On Saturday 6 June we celebrated Dolphin Watch Day.
Every year we dedicate a day by hosting an event to thank our Dolphin Watch volunteers for their contributions to the Dolphin Watch project.
This is the 6th year of the project and on the morning our volunteers attended a lovely breakfast by the river, received a copy of the latest edition of FinBook (our dolphin identification catalogue which is available to download here) and heard about how their efforts are assisting research into the species.
Dolphin Watch volunteers also took home some awards.
Sue Harper won the Citizen Scientist Award, Joan Munro won the Dolphin Watcher Award and Sarah Guiton won the Dolphin Watch Photographer Award.
If you would like to be a part of Dolphin Watch, our next recruitment/training session will be on Wednesday 26 August 2015. You can email for more details.