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Clean our rivers!

We've made it easy for you to help clean our rivers.

Together with FunCats Watersports in South Perth, we have a special board with reusable bags/buckets, grippers and instructions on how you can help!

All you need is 5 minutes - grab a bag or bucket, gripper and pick up the rubbish along the beach and foreshore. Take your bag or bucket full of rubbish to the nearest bin, empty it and return the bag/bucket and gripper to the board - our native wildlife will thank you for it :)

Don't forget to take a pic and share it with us using the hashtag #cleanourrivers on River Guardians Facebook or Instagram

Fairy Terns nesting at Point Walter

The Swan River is recognised as a very important area for waterbirds. There are 84 recorded species, of which 35 are seen regularly.  But there has been a loss of species and abundance especially in the last few decades in particularly caused by disturbance.

Disturbance can be caused by any human activity that alters the behaviour of birds.  In 2003 a study on the river showed disturbance events were caused by everything from jet skis to people innocently walking along the shore.

When birds are disturbed they take off and fly away. This can become a problem as eggs and chicks can be left alone and open to predation. Some beach-nesting birds are exhasuted after travelling so far and need to feed daily. 

Find out more about our beach-nesting birds project here.

The Kent Street Weir is open!

Did you know the Kent Street Weir in Wilson is the point that separates the fresh water in the Canning River from the saline waters of the Canning Estuary?

The weir has been opened for the first time since a major upgrade to install automated hydraulic weir gates, a fishway and an improved walkway to enhance public access.

The opening of the weir will help alleviate winter flows and allow freshwater to push well into the estuary.

If you would like to see the water flowing through the weir, pack a picnic and visit the Explore Parks website for more info.

New rock wall for Nedlands!

Stage 2 of a river wall restoration project has been completed in Nedlands.

The rock revetment was designed and chosen because it can absorb the erosive forces of the water and protect the adjacent foreshore emabankment.

To read more about the project visit All in all another rock saves river foreshore


Would you like to volunteer for dolphins?

#didyouknow there are 20-25 dolphins living in the Swan and Canning rivers?

Dolphin Watch volunteers and scientists from Murdoch and Curtin Universities have been studying them for quite some time.

Come and join us for an informative evening and learn all about the dolphins. There are short videos, prizes to be won and we will show you how you can help keep the rivers healthy for them.

This event is also an opportunity for anyone (16yrs and over) to become a Dolphin Watch volunteer.

Date: Wednesday 24 October, 2018

Time: 6 -8.30pm (refreshements will be served 6-6.30pm, the presentations begin at 6.30pm)

Location: Scitech, City West Centre, Sutherland Street and Railway Street, Perth.

RSVP: Please use this link to RSVP. You will need to complete a form for each person.

Please note, this event is for ages 16yrs old and over.