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Dunedoo’s Calf Entanglement

One year old resident calf is badly entangled in fishing line in the Swan River

Earlier this year, Dunedoo’s calf was seen with what appeared to be a growth above the rostrum (mouth) which we can now confirm is a fishing line entanglement. Researcher, Dr Chabanne took the photos on her latest survey of the Riverpark and noted that the line that there is additional line wrapped around the dorsal fin. Aside from the entanglement, the calf’s body condition appears normal and it has been observed foraging with its mother and other dolphins. However, it was also observed resting for long periods of time. Dunedoo and her calf move a lot within the Riverpark which is making an intervention difficult to coordinate. The weather, water clarity and depth are also factors that make an intervention response difficult. DBCA staff, along with researchers and vets recently coordinated a response, however they were not able to locate the calf on the day. We are hopeful another opportunity to intervene will present itself, however it is important to acknowledge there is a high chance the dolphin may not survive.
We had such an amazing response when we asked for footage of Moon, so we are again asking the public to keep their eye out for Dunedoo and her calf. As the entanglement is not so visible at a distance, we are asking you to look for mother-calf pairs. Dunedoo’s calf is only a year old, so will be much smaller than her mother and swims quite closely to her. Please email us your footage to or contact us via messenger on Facebook.