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Amazon frogbit - confirmed sighting in Bayswater Brook

A highly invasive species, Amazon frogbit (Limnobiumin laevigatum) has been found in Bayswater Brook.

Amazon frogbit is a floating aquatic plant that is sold for use in aquariums but is a highly invasive species when allowed to populate waterways.

Prevention and early detection are the key to managing the species.
The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is working closely with officers in local government and at the Water Corporation to search for the initial source point along the Bayswater Brook. There is a risk that rainfall may have spread the weed into the Swan River.

How can you assist?

Members of the public can play a helpful role in early identification and even prevention of the spread of Amazon frogbit.
If you see a new plant you do not recognise, getting it properly identified before controlling it is important, as it is easy to mis-identify plants.

For more information, or if you have seen Amazon frogbit in your local waterway, please contact

Download the Amazon frogbit information flyer here.