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The River Guardians program delivers a great range of fun and educational events to the community each year. Keep up to date with what’s happening around the Swan Canning Riverpark here.

Three major events say no to single-use plastic!

As sunny days make their way back onto the forecast, the Town of East Fremantle, City of Melville and City of Canning are cutting down on single use plastic packaging and waste at major river-side events. Top up your water bottle at a free water refill station, see reusable serve-ware in action, or learn what rubbish goes in which bin at the Jacaranda, Muddy Hands and George Street Festivals.

Each event is being supported by a grant from the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attraction’s Plastic Free Riverpark program (PFR), which aims to reduce single-use plastic pollution in and around the Swan and Canning rivers. Come and say hi to our PFR and River Guardians staff at each of the events and join in for a fun-filled day that doesn’t cost the earth – don’t forget to pack a drink bottle, reusable cup and backpack! 

- Jacaranda Festival – Saturday 19 November, 2022 (Applecross Rotary Club, supported by City of Melville)
- Muddy Hands Festival – Saturday 19 November, 2022 (City of Canning)
- George Street Festival – Sunday 4 December, 2022 (Town of East Fremantle)

Photo: Town of East Fremantle, George Street Festival

Several years ago, a dolphin calf named Luca became entangled in fishing line - not once, not twice, but three times! Despite the best efforts of Wildlife Officers and Estuary Guardians, Luca didn't survive the third time.

This event, Luca's Legacy, was set up by the Estuary Guardians and DBCA to help commemorate Luca and do something proactive to help remove fishing waste and other rubbish from Mandurah's beautiful waterways - both estuarine and marine.

Come down and lend a hand on Sunday 23 October. There'll be activities for the kids, stalls, a coffee van and free sausage sizzle thanks to support from the Peel Harvey Catchment Council.

There'll be two areas for you to choose from - Clean-up Area 1 (Home Base) at Port Bouvard Yacht Club, which also houses the John Tonkin College Marine Centre (end of Thisbe Drive, Dawesville - there'is plenty of parking available on-site) and Clean-up Area 2 at Creery Wetland Nature Reserve, Channel Island and Boundary Island. Volunteeers will be transported by boat to reach these and other foreshore areas that aren’t easily accessible by vehicle. Kayaks and canoes can also be involved here.

Participants wanting to help clean up Area 2 must email in advance to reserve their spot natalie@mandurahcruises.com.au or call 0439 921 382 if you have any questions and should meet at Mariners Cove Boat Ramp at 8:45am (see blue star on map in briefing pack).

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wonderful Waterbirds

South Perth wetlands is home to a range of water birds of all shapes and sizes. Through interactive games and activities, discover why each bird has a different beak and body shape and how their special features help them survive in and around the water. Scoop through the water to investigate what these birds are eating and find out why we should all say NO to feeding birds bread!

Ages: 3-6 years. Date: Friday 30th September. Location: South Perth Foreshore

For more info, or to book, click here

Wetland Wildlife Investigators

Our urban wetlands are some of the most important habitats in the world. Surrounded by houses and human activities, these wetlands provide a refuge for a huge range of wildlife. Come along for an exploration of the South Perth wetlands where everything from birds to reptiles, fish, amphibians and bugs call this place home. Together, we will investigate this incredible habitat, look for clues, play games and complete challenges to find out exactly what species are living here and how we can protect them.

Ages: 7-12 years. Date: Friday 30th September. Location: South Perth Foreshore.

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Get to know the dolphins that call the Riverpark home. Listen to the sounds dolphins make and learn how their bodies help them swim, jump and catch food, then play a game to show us your best dolphin impression! have a go at identifying the local dolphins using our FinBook guide, and then go on a walk along the river to see if you can spot them. Discover some of the things that can hurt our dolphins and what we can all do to keep them safe. Finish the morning by decorating your dolphin craft.

Age: 4-7 years. Date: Wednesday 5th October. Locaiton: Canning River Education Centre.

For more info, or to book click here

The next Dolphin Watch Training in Perth has been scheduled!

Join us for this free training event and hear from leading scientists and researchers from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Murdoch University. Learn more about the Swan Canning river system, dolphin biology, the resident dolphin community, how to identify the different dolphins and the different behaviours you may be lucky enough to observe.

As a trained Dolphin Watcher, your monitoring reports will contribute to valuable research. Join one of the largest 'Citizen Scientist' cohorts in Australia and help us learn more about our resident dolphins and how they use the Riverpark.

A complimentary supper will be served upon arrival at 6pm with proceedings commencing at 6.30pm. Tickets are essential for this event. Please register here

For Mandurah locals and those interested in the Peel-Harvey Estuary dolphin community, we will also be scheduling a training session in Mandurah, dates to be announced soon, so check our website and social media for updates!