Fertilise Wise

Excessive fertiliser use and over watering can lead to nutrients leaching into the groundwater and feeding algal blooms that contribute to fish deaths in the Swan and Canning rivers. By being a RiverWise gardener you can help improve the health of the rivers.

RiverWise gardening means being fertilise-wise, waterwise and planting vegetation more suited to your local soils and climate.

Check our Fertilise Wise brochures which provide you with a three-step process on how to fertilise your lawn and garden without hurting the rivers.

1. Identify your soil type using the Fertilise Wise poster.

2. Select the Fertilise Wise guide suited to your soil type:

3. Grow a beautiful garden using the recommended fertiliser types for your garden. Download the Urban Fertiliser Brochure to learn more about fertilising your lawn and garden.

Contact a Sustainable Garden Centre for more advice on the most suitable plants to grow to keep our rivers healthy.