Foreshore vegetation


Riverfront residents and visitors are being asked to report tree vandalism in the Riverpark.

Trees and riparian vegetation along Perth’s Swan Canning Riverpark foreshores have become targets for vegetation damage. Native trees are being killed around the Riverpark usually to try and enhance water views or private river access. 

Foreshore trees are valuable as they

• help cool our river recreational areas by 3 - 5ºC,
• reduce erosion and help stabilise foreshores,
• enhance liveability by creating natural wind breaks along the river foreshore,
• filter airborne particle pollution such as car fumes,
• provide vital habitat for insects, birds and other native wildlife and,
• improve water quality by slowing and filtering runoff before it enters drains and the rivers.

Trees are often vandalised after dark, so unless the public hear sawing or chainsaws, detection of illegal activity – such as poisoning – may not be apparent until after a few days or even weeks.

Examples of vegetation damage include
• poisoning
• mowing
• pruning
• removal and
• ringbarking.

Motivation for deliberate foreshore tree damage is usually related to maintaining or gaining a ‘view’.  Under WA legislation landowners do not have a right to views. Breaches of this regulation can result in a maximum penalty of $5,000 per offence.

To report foreshore vegetation damage contact Parks and Wildlife Service, Swan Region Riverpark Unit (08) 9278 0981 Mon-Fri  8am-5pm or 0419 192 845 for out of office hours.

For more information download the brochure.

Images Matt Kleczkowski and Parks and Wildlife