Image: Stewart Allen

Explore the rivers by boat – more information including public moorings, speed limits, launch facilities and tips to keep the rivers healthy are available in the Swan Canning Riverpark Boating Guide on the Department of Transport website.

Boating to keep our rivers healthy

1. Enjoy the rivers, but remember that wash from your boat can cause problems. Slow down to avoid damaging shorelines and other boats, disturbing wildlife and endangering people.

2. Tenders, dinghies and boats left on the foreshore damage vegetation and prevent access to shorelines. Take them home with you.

3. Keep your engine serviced to prevent fuel and oil spilling into the rivers. This will save you money and protect the rivers’ health.

4. Report activities which may be harmful to the rivers and foreshores by calling Parks and Wildlife on (08) 9219 9000 or after hours 0419 192 845. There are penalties for polluting the rivers or damaging foreshore vegetation.

5. If you need to drop the anchor, check the riverbed first. If you can see seagrass, try another spot.

6. Remember to avoid damaging native vegetation and riverbanks when launching your boat, dinghy or tender, or bringing it in. This prevents erosion and protects wildlife.

7. We sometimes forget to take our rubbish home with us. Let’s help each other by picking up rubbish and old fishing tackle and throwing it in a bin or specially designed fishing line bins. Locations of fishing line bins.

8. Boat maintenance and disposing of used chemicals properly is important. Spend a couple of minutes checking that solvents, residues and cleaning agents can’t run into the rivers. Absorbent pads can be used when refuelling.

9. Four-wheel drives can chew up foreshore vegetation. Leave your vehicle on the road and protect habitat for fish and other wildlife.