How you can help

Our iconic Swan Canning Riverpark is showing the same signs of environmental stress as other waterways around the world. What you do in your own backyard affects our rivers and therefore every Perth resident has an important role to play in helping to protect them.

Become a member

River Guardians are friends of the Swan and Canning rivers. They keep the rivers healthy and enjoy great member benefits. Membership is free.

Members also receive discounts with riverside businesses through our Friends of River Guardians program, from bike hire and cruises to meals at some of Perth’s favourite restaurants. Find out more about these special offers.

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River Guardians volunteers can take part in skilled volunteering projects, receive training in a number of projects ranging from foreshore restoration sites to being the eyes on our rivers and becoming a Dolphin Watcher. Go to Volunteering

At Home

Small changes made at home or in your garden if made by many people, will add up and make a big difference to the health of our rivers and waterways. Go to At Home

At School

Providing schools with water quality monitoring, games, demonstrations and curriculum to educate students on how to protect our precious Swan and Canning rivers. Go to At School

Around the Riverpark

The River Guardians event calendar has information on popular events and activities around the Riverpark. Take a look and get active. Go to Around the Riverpark


Feel free to join in any of the competitions being run by the River Guardians team or see the latest competition results. Go to Competitions

What's On

The River Guardians program delivers a great range of fun and educational events to the community each year. Keep up to date with what’s happening around the Swan Canning Riverpark. Check out What's On

River Stories

There are many stories to be told about our rivers and River Guardians wants to share them with you. Go to River Stories

Become a River Guardian now and enjoy the benefits. Membership is free and you’ll get access to cultural, environmental and historical presentations and training, volunteer opportunities and river activities and events.

You can also volunteer with your local community group or council. There are lots of opportunities to help the many organisations doing fantastic work in the Swan Canning Catchment to help protect our rivers and waterways.

You can be involved at home, in your garden, on a boat, or even walking your dog. Check out our boating, fishing, gardening, and household tips to find out more.