River Guardians currently offer the Junior Dolphin Watch incursion for primary and high schools and the Drains to Living Streams excursion for Year 12 ATAR Geography classes.

River Guardians offer FREE Junior Dolphin Watch incursions for primary and high schools located around the Swan Canning Riverpark. The incursion covers the “Dolphin Watch” citizen science project, how we identify each individual dolphin and their behaviours, and the threats dolphins face living in a heavily urbanised environment. Students learn practical ways they can help protect the dolphins. The incursions consist of an interactive presentation with hands on activities. At the end of the session, the class will get to keep a hard copy of the latest FinBook Guide (One copy per class).

High School:

Junior Dolphin Watch incursions are modified for High School Students to meet needs of the year level. The incursion also covers information about the Marine Fauna Sightings App that our citizen scientists use to record dolphin sightings. Students are encouraged to download the App (please discuss with the Project Officer if this is appropriate for your students).

To make a booking, contact the Education Officer here

Drains to Living Streams Excursion

An excursion investigating strategies to address the impacts of landcover change on the Swan-Canning River. The excursion aims to address the Year 12, Unit 3, Depth Study 2 syllabus objectives:

  • explain two strategies designed to address the impacts of land cover change on local and/or regional environments
  • evaluate the two strategies designed to address the impacts of land cover change, using the concept of sustainability

During the excursion, we will investigate the impacts of sedimentation and eutrophication on the Swan Canning River as a result of land cover change across the catchment. By collecting water samples, students will measure the water quality to see for themselves how the Living Streams strategy work to reduce these impacts on the river. Students will also learn about a second strategy, the artificial oxygenation plant at Canning River, and then evaluate the efficacy of each strategy.

The excursion begins at Curtin University Boat Club, Salter Point and concludes at Canning River Eco Education Centre, Wilson. Price is $5 per student, no minimum required (max. 30 students). Schools are responsible for organising transport to each location. For more information or to make a booking, click here. Or contact the River Guardians Project Officer here

This excursion was developed in partnership with Trinity College, Perth NRM and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) as part of the Swan-Canning River Recovery Stage 3 and funded by the Australian Government Environmental Restoration Fund. The excursion will be delivered by River Guardians (DBCA).

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